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Welcome to Confify.

Simplest way to create anonymous page.
Share your ideas, connect with others.
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Easy-to-create anonymous page

  • Just 1 click to build a new page
  • An page in which you can manage all the activities.
  • A community in which fellows can raise their voice anonymously
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Easy-to-manage privacy
  • Multiple options for privacy management
  • Public page: anyone can view and post
  • Private page: Only fellows with approved request can access
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Easy-to-use Admin tools
  • Quick access to admin page
  • Simple and interactive design
  • Manage your friends, posts, request in one-click
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Responsive, work on every devices
  • Friendly user interface
  • Filter posts by popularity rank
  • Easy to search posts
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" Confify is the combination of: Confident, Configuration and Confineless "


Feel free to show yourself, everything will be anonymous.


Super easy and simple to create new pages in your own style.


Super easy and simple to create new pages in your own style.

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